20150731_111210.jpgDylan Shropshire is a researcher and NSF Graduate Research Fellow in the Bordenstein lab at Vanderbilt University with a broad interest in symbiosis, evolution, genetics, and all things creepy and crawly. He is currently focused on studying the genetics of reproductive parasitism caused by a maternally inherited bacteria called Wolbachia, but has also been involved in research regarding the microbiome and behavior.

As an advocate for science education, Dylan has mentored numerous undergraduate  and high school students in the lab. These efforts have led some students to publish in high-tier journals and to pursue careers in research. He also developed and taught a project-focused biology lab intended to introduce students to problem focused science and the thrill of hard-earned results.  In addition, Dylan has worked with Discover the Microbes Within!: The Wolbachia Project by introducing high school students to his research and being a guest speaker for a teaching workshop organized by the Bay Area Biotechnology Education Consortium